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Why Study With Us

featuredstudywithusWe have been successfully training acupuncturists for professional practice since 1987. Our graduates lead the profession in Ireland and practice professionally worldwide.

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Acupuncture Training

acupuncture-courses-and-acupuncture-trainingContinue to work while you study and learn acupuncture to become a professional acupuncturist. We are now accepting applications for our Acupuncture training.

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Nutrition & Dietetics

nutrition_course_trainingThis is a Graduate Clinical Certificate course intended for CAM Health professionals, to be used in the practice to help their patients and clients.

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Tuina Training

tuina-training-and-tuina-courses TCM Professionals and students can now apply for Tuina training. Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage)  is a valuable addition to Acupuncture professionals to improve their clinical treatment.

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What Our Graduates Say

acupuncture-courses-and-acupuncture-training"I did my professional acupuncture training with the AFI Ireland acupuncture course  in Dublin and my experience has been outstanding. The lecturers are superb, very knowledgeable and skilled....."

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