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Acupuncture Effective for Migraine

Canadian Study with a 500 adult sample confirms that traditional acupuncture is effective for the treatment of migraine. In the study, almost 500 adults were treated with either traditional Chinese acupuncture or a sham treatment in which acupuncture needles were inserted in nonspecific points. The acupuncture treatment points were previously used to study migraine. Participants did not know which type of acupuncture treatment they were receiving during the four-week study.


Refreshing Miso Soup recipe

Spring is the perfect time to try Miso soup. Miso soup is refreshing soup that is ideal for strengthening and cleaning your organism.According to researchers at Japan's National Cancer Centre suggest that eating three or more bowls of the delicacy Miso soup every day could cut women's risk of developing breast cancer.


The Baby and Bathwater of Evidence Based Practice

The application of the principles of evidence based medicine (EBM) is widely debated across healthcare sectors, especially within the complementary healthcare sector who struggle to prove clinical theories in an attempt to please the "scientific" community.


CAM, An Irish Solution to a Global Question?

Analysis of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sector

CAM or natural healing has been part of public healthcare choices in Ireland from early monastic times, when cures were sought and used for a range of ailments. Natural healing predates biomedicine and has remained a popular choice down through the ages. This has been replicated on a global scale from the beginnings of traditional medicines to current use today of indigenous or folk medicines as healthcare choices.