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Mission Statement

"To produce caring ethical practitioners who are fit to practise, and are competent to deliver the highest quality of care in their own practice.

In order to do this, we provide the best quality in teaching and learning that is informed by professional and statutory body requirements, international standards and best practice in research.

We provide a learning environment that is supportive of the needs of students and responsive to the wider community. We foster an evidence based approach to practice, critical thinking and reflection in practice to improve patient care.

We are committed to widening access to professional training and higher education by providing blocked taught and clinical sessions, supported by e-learning so that participants can gain a professional qualification while working and caring for their families.

We encourage participation by mature students who may not have had the opportunity previously to enter higher education."


Dr. Bernadette Ward, Doctor of Education (Phd.)

MSc, Director, Acupuncture Foundation,

Irish Institute of Chinese Medicine.




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