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Chinese Tuina Training

Tuina is a Chinese Medical hands on treatment, used for centuries and most effective on musculo skeletal disorders, sports injuries, pain and lack of movement. It is a valuable addition to the TCM clinic and is regularly used by Acupuncture professionals to enhance their clinical treatments.Chinese Tuina course is suitable for TCM professionals and senior students who have a knowledge of TCM theory (2nd and 3rd year students). Chinese Tuina is a valuable addition to Acupuncture professionals to improve their clinical treatment as the Tuina techniques can be used in their practice on a range of conditions.TCM Professionals and students can now apply for Tuina training.


The course consists of lectures, demonstrations, ongoing practice and eLearning module support. Our Tuina postgraduate training is delivered over a period of 4 months with 3 weekends and extensive online support. The Tuina professional training is taught by Dr. Fanyi Meng. Dr. Meng is a vastly experienced TCM and Tuina lecturer and clinician, who specialises in a very powerful but gentle style of tuina that is better suited to western patients. As a part of the Tuina training module Dr Meng also teaches Qi Gong for practitioners.

The Tuina Course is accredited by the TCMAB (Traditional Chinese Medicine Accreditation Board) in UK as an Acupuncture Foundation Ireland training programme. CPD credits apply for AFI Chinese Tuina course as well.

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