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Acupuncture Foundation

We have been training acupuncturists for professional practice since 1987. Our graduates lead the profession in Ireland, practice professionally and participate in clinical research in the UK and the US. On completion of the professional programme, continuing education both professional and academic is available to our graduates.

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International Standard Organisations

The Acupuncture Foundation are participating members of the International Chinese Medicine Standards Organisations, WFAS since 1987, WFCMS and PEFOTS. Our teaching staff are some of the best and most experienced available in the western world. Our Chinese Medicine teachers come to us from Nanjing University of TCM, one of China`s top five universities. They are expert clinicians and accomplished lecturers with extensive experience of lecturing in the west. Studying with them provides the student with a strong basis in Chinese medicine theory and acupuncture skills and competencies.

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Students from Healthcare or non Healthcare Backgrounds

We have students from varied backgrounds both Medical and non medical. Our training assumes no prior Chinese Medicine knowledge and start from the ground up, with each lesson building on from the lesson before.


Unique E-Learning Platform

To support our taught and clinical teaching sessions, we have developed a unique E Learning platform through virtual classrooms. Foundation students are registered with their protected username and password and log in to their classroom, to study, discuss, access tutor advice, revise, research and complete online tasks. Online learning includes webinairs, video, pod cast and a variety of multi media. This forms part of a blend of learning, using online, face to face lectures, practical and clinical sessions in our campus at Marino Institute Dublin 9.

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College with a Long Established Reputation

We have been teaching students Chinese Medicine continuously since 1987 and the majority of practitioners in Ireland are graduates of the Foundation. We are founder members of the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies (WFAS) and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) the international bodies supported by the Chinese Government to encourage cooperation in all aspects of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


Become Part of a Community of Successful Practitioners Worldwide

Our graduates practice successfully throughout the world from Ireland and the UK, throughout the EU and in the US and Australia to name a few countries, and are eligible for post graduate academic study in eminent UK universities.


Choose a Career that will Provide an Established Income Whatever the Economic Situation

If you have any questions about taking courses in acupuncture with the Acupuncture Foundation please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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feleena tiedt

double quote serif left xxl The knowledge and experience I gained during my time at the college allows me to treat many different western diseases.


viera husarova

double quote serif left xxl This is the only course in Ireland where we were able to develop hands on skills in needling technique from the very beginning to built up our confidence in treating patients.


evan scully

double quote serif left xxl I would happily recommend the college to anyone wanting to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


arina testimonials rounded

double quote serif left xxl Changing career is a big step for everybody. I chose to study Chinese Medicine with the Acupuncture Foundation and it was most definitely the right choice.


brendan clare

double quote serif left xxl Suding with Acupuncture Foundation gave me skills and abilities I didn’t know I had and now I have a successful practice.


vera deale

double quote serif left xxl I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone considering a future in acupuncture.

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Marino Institute of Education
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