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Herbalism Training Details

Our professionally accredited Chinese Herbal Medicine training is available to all Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine senior students and graduates to complement their knowledge of acupuncture.

The Chinese Herbal Medicine professional training is delivered in 2 levels. Following successful completion of level 1 students achieve Postgraduate Certificate in Chinese Herbalism and Diploma in Medical Herbalism following completion of level 2. In order to address the changes in prescribing herbal formulas under the European Herbal Directive we have structured a post graduate training programme for acupuncturists to address the requirements of the Herbal Directive.

Students will be taught properties of different herbs, their indications and contra indications, the clinical use of each individual herbs and their place within classical formula. Students will be taught to work with and use herbs in raw, natural, and powdered formats. Herbal clinical studies are a strong aspect of the post graduate herbal programmes.

Additionally students study herbal and product safety, toxicity, national regulation, ethical practice and participate in herbal clinics. The herbal medicine lectures consists of Practical studies, Clinics, eLearning and online module support. Pharmacology and Pharmacognacy module is completed at Bristol University. Herbal practice and pharmacy continues in intensive hospital herbal clinics at our partner university, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (NJUCM) in China.


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The Acupuncture Foundation Ireland Herbal course is accredited by ACHI (Association of Chinese Herbalists) in Ireland. ACHI is an associate member of the EHTPA (European Herbal Traditional Practitioners Association). The Herbal course is accredited by TCMAB (Traditional Chinese Medicine Accreditation Board) in United Kingdom and by NIATCM (Northern Ireland Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine) in Northern Ireland.

Successful completion of level 1 leads to a 2nd year and completion of the EHTPA herbal curriculum.


Course Tutors

Professor Jin Huide

jin 100Professor Jin Huide has taught students of the Acupuncture Foundation since 1993. He is an experienced lecturer and TCM author with over 20 years of lecture and clinical experience. Professor Jin is regarded internationally as a master clinician. Professor Jin teaches on our Acupuncture course and on our Chinese Herbal Medicine course.



Dr Jidong Wu

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From Nanjing University of TCM, DR Wu has been lecturing at the Acupuncture Foundation since 1993. He is current head of the TCM Programme at Middlesex University. Dr Wu has published many articles in TCM journals and magazines as well as appearing on tv and radio. Dr Wu was appointed TCM representative on the UK house of Lords working group on complementary medicines. Vice President of WFCMS. Dr Wu teaches our 2nd year students and on our herbal medicine course.


Dr Fanyi Meng

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Dr Fanyi Meng is an experienced TCM lecturer, having lectured in Beijing University for ten years. He is head of the University of TCM programme at Lincoln University. In addition to being an accomplished lecturer and clinician, and Qigong. Dr Meng teaches Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) and Chinese Herbal Medicine.



Dr Kaicun Zhao Phd.

kaicun 100Dr Kaicun Zhao PhD is an experienced lecturer, researcher and practitioner. His expertise focusses on herbal materia medica and Chinese herbal formulas. He leads the Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine degree programmes at Middlesex University. His research on clinical trials of artmesinin (Qing Hao Su) won the Prize for Scientific Progression by the Ministry of Public Health of China.



External Modules lecture - Mr. Tony Harrison of the RCHM, in Bristol University Herbal Garden.

All our lecturers are experienced lecturers and practitioners of TCM and Chinese Herbal Medicine. You can find out more about Acupuncture Foundation Herbal training in the short "Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine" video below by one of our longstanding lecturers, Professor Huide Jin.



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