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About the Course

Despite the huge amount of information on healthy eating and what constitutes a healthy diet, obesity levels continue to rise. Obviously when it comes to a healthy diet knowing and doing are two different things. So Therapists and Health Professionals, who have the knowledge and skill to give directed, individual dietary advice and support are more likely to help their clients benefit, in addition to their own therapy treatments.


Who is the Course for?

The Diet and Nutrition course is intended for Complementary Therapists, and Health Care Professionals, Fitness and Personal Trainers and other professionals who wish to be able to give clients expert and specialised guidance on healthy diet and nutrition, including specialist advice on allergies, intolerances, healthy eating with digestive or other disorders.

This course is an excellent necessary additional qualification for a range of therapists and health professionals specialising in Acupuncture, Herbalism, Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Sports therapy, Beauticians, Reiki Practitioners.

On completion of this course, certified graduates will be able to use specialised knowledge in clinical nutrition and dietetics, to assess a client`s diet and eating habits, and design an individualised dietary and healthy eating plan for their client.

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Course Overview

• Structure and function of digestive system
• Process of Absorption and alimentary canal during digestive process
• Causes of diseases and disorders of Digestive system
• Interrelationship of digestive system with other body systems
• Effect of factors on dietary requirements
• Function and effects of water in diet and effects of dehydration
• Role of carbohydrates understanding of calorie and kilojoule
• Role of fats, lipids, protein and cholesterol in diet
• Role of fibre, vitamins and minerals in diet
• Effects of Antioxidants systems of processing
• Dietary/nutritional value of certain foods
• Role of refined and unrefined food and Probiotics
• Role of common anti-nutrients and Environmental pollutants
• Disorders associated with digestion of gluten
• Problems associated with dairy intolerance
• Dietary requirements and growing level of nut intolerance
• Side effects of additives
• Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, Diabetes and Hypoglyaemia
• Importance of regular meals and guidelines for eating
• Common ailments related to nutrition imbalance


Online Course Delivery

The course is delivered online with our web based training platform that gives you complete control of your e learning course. It allows you to study at your own pace and at a time convenient to you as all you need for online training is internet access to view streaming videos of lectures, on a unique secure platform. The course is supervised and moderated online.


Assessment Process

Each of the 6 course modules are assessed by reaching module learning outcomes. Each module has a graded online quiz, assessing learning from each individual module. Client case studies and dietary plans are submitted as end of course assessment.


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