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The teaching staff at the Foundation represent many years of experience in all aspects of TCM and represent some of the best teachers available in the western world.

We have a strong local team of Senior Lecturers in Meridians and Acupuncture points and Clinical Supervision, many of them AFI graduates who are also successful practitioners, highly active within the professional sector. We also have a wonderful team of class assistants and student mentors.



Dr Fanyi Meng

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Dr Fanyi Meng is an experienced TCM lecturer, having lectured in Beijing University for ten years. He is head of the University of TCM programme at Lincoln University. In addition to being an accomplished lecturer and clinician, and Qigong teacher, Dr Meng teaches Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) and Chinese Herbal Medicine.



MS Therese Parsons M Sc. Lic Ac. Dip Herb. Cert Ed.

Therese 100Ms Parsons has been teaching with the Foundation since 1989. Therese is an experienced clinician and lecturer. She lectures in Research Methodology for Health and Social Care at Plymouth University. Her areas of expertise include Quality Assurance, Education, Acupuncture, Applied Science (biochemistry), research methodology, Anatomy, physiology and pathology. She is the current head of the Foundation's Quality Assurance Programme and is a member of the academic board.


Dr Kaicun Zhao Phd.

kaicun 100Dr Kaicun Zhao PhD is an experienced lecturer, researcher and practitioner. His expertise focusses on herbal materia medica and Chinese herbal formulas. He leads the Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine degree programmes at Middlesex University. His research on clinical trials of artmesinin (Qing Hao Su) won the Prize for Scientific Progression by the Ministry of Public Health of China.


Dr. Bernadette Ward, Doctor of Education (DCU), MSc (Middlesex University UK)
Lic Ac. Dip Herb. C.Ac, C.Herb, Visiting Professor to Nanjing China

bernadette 100Bernadette teaches clinical and herbal modules, and monitors the clinical work placement in Nanjing, China each year. She presented papers on TCM education in Europe, TCM Core Curriculum, Lifelong Learning and the Bologna Agreement to TCM conferences in Manchester, Nanjing, Brussels, Paris, and delivered presentations on Chinese medicine clinical subjects to conferences in Lisbon, Prague, Vienna and Vilnius. As a member of the WFCMS (World Federation of TCM Societies) Education committee (EIC) she is a co author of the WFCMS handbook on World Standard of Chinese Medicine Undergraduate (Pre -CMD) Education (2009) Ref.EIC WFCMS 2009 Vol 3 No 4). She has authored several articles for peer journals and has published her book on an analysis of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sector (


As part of the aim to provide the highest quality TCM education in Ireland, the Foundation has ensured that course tutors are both expert clinicians and are experienced and accomplished lecturers. To further improve the learning experience the Foundation ensures that the staff / student ratio is kept as low as possible particularly for the practical and clinical aspects of the course.


Academic Board

The Academic Board is headed by Programme Director Bernadette Ward and includes teachers and experienced TCM professionals on the Board. Among its responsibilities of overseeing the training courses the Board monitors the quality of course delivery and assessment.


Principal and Programme Director

The training programme is headed by Programme Director Dr Bernadette Ward,PhD, MSc, Lic.Ac., Dip, Ch Herbs, C. Ac. Nanjing, C Herb, Nanjing M.A.F.P.A, M.A.C.H.I, M.N.I.A.T.C.M.

Bernadette has successfully completed her Doctorate at Dublin City University, following her Master of Sciences in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Middlesex University, London in 2008/2009. She was awarded the ATCM (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK) PETS (Prize for excellence in traditional Chinese medicine studies) for her thesis. "The absence of regulation of acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners impacts on the clinical relationship".

Following her four year research in DCU, her book "CAM, An Irish Solution to a Global Question?, An analysis of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sector" has been published and is available online with Amazon, Lap-Publishing and other online book websites.

One of her areas of specialisation is TCM Education at both national and European level. She was elected Chairperson of the Pan European Federation of TCM Societies (P.E.F.O.T.S.) Education Committee. September 2011 she was appointed as a Vice President of the PEFOTS board.

Following the 8th world conference of Chinese medicine held in London, September 2011, Bernadette was elected as a Vice President of the WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies) Supervisory Board.

She has been instrumental in establishing a TCM core curriculum encompassing European professional safety and practice requirements. This is quantified and graded according to the Bologna Agreement setting standards in TCM education at both national and international levels.She serves as a Board member of the NIATCM, (The Northern Ireland Association of TCM Societies.

In 2002 she was appointed as a Visiting Associate Professor to the Nanjing University, Nanjing, China. This was followed in 2004 by her appointment as a Visiting Professor to Nanjing University of TCM. This is an honorary title and is the highest honour the University awards a foreign national. This was awarded in recognition of her long term work in promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ireland and other European countries.


Nanjing University of TCM Award


Party General Secretary of Nanjing University, Professor Zhu Yanfu presenting Foundation Director Bernadette Ward with a certificate of her appointment as visiting Professor to Nanjing University of TCM.


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