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This Privacy Policy explains how we use information that you provide us with when you use the website and how we make sure it is stored and managed safely and legally. This Privacy Policy is part of The Terms and Conditions of using this website, so please read it carefully. We take your privacy extremely seriously, and will store all your personal information securely.


The laws you're protected by:

As we are an Irish company, you are protected by Irish and European data protection laws. We store your data in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1998. If you’d like to know more about data protection generally, there is information available from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.


Information we gather about you:

Whenever you visit the website, we gather information about what you do during your visit, including the searches that you perform and the records you view. We also gather some statistics about your computer, such as the browser you use and how big your screen is.


What we use this information for:

We won’t keep your personal information for longer than is necessary and will only use the personal information that we gather to:

manage the website (including your account);
provide advanced website features to you and others;
understand your needs to help us improve the website;
improve search results;
understand website usage to allow us to improve our marketing or the way we do business; send you emails (more details below)


We don't store your payment card information:

When we take a payment from you, we use a secure third party service to process the payment and do not keep a record of your credit or debit card details in our systems. This means that even if (heaven forbid) someone broke into our systems, your payment details would not be available for them to steal.


We won't sell your information to third parties:

We won’t ever sell your information to third parties, full stop. If we run a promotion or competition where your information would be shared with a third party for marketing purposes, we will make that very clear and will ask your permission first.


Who is our company sees your information:

Only specific people within our office have access to your information, and we restrict this as much as we can. In general, we try to make sure that people only have as much access to your information as they need to carry out their job in providing you with services and records.


Where your information is stored:

The vast majority of your information is stored securely on our servers within the EU. Some of our third party partners use servers in the United States. When we process data in the United States, we only use providers certified under the EU-approved Safe Harbor scheme.


Emails we send you:

We try only to send you emails which are relevant or tell you important things about the website. There are some emails which we send you only if we have your permission (marketing emails) and you can notify us at any time if you no longer wish to receive these marketing emails (see below). There are some emails which we send you even if we don’t have your permission (service emails) - we send these to administer the service. Each is explained below.


Marketing emails:

These emails include our regular newsletter, emails to inform you of any upcoming courses or professional development activities. Very occasionally, we might tell you about a service offered by another company, but this is rare.


Unsubscribing from service emails:

We administer our newsletter through MailChimp, a secure system that is GDPR compliant and allows you to unsubscribe from our email service at any time. 


Our use of cookies:

We use cookies (small information files that are stored on your computer) to help us provide many features on the website. You can choose not to accept cookies from us (by changing your browser’s security settings) but if you do, the website might not work as intended and some features may not work at all. Cookies are safe: please read this short guide if you want to know more about them.


Seeing what information we hold on you:

If you want to know what personal information we hold on you, contact us and we’ll be happy to supply you with it.


Updating your personal information:

If the information we hold about you is no longer correct, please update your details in the ‘my account’ area or alternatively tell us and we will update our records.


When we might disclose your information:

We will only disclose your information to somebody outside our group companies (or who is processing your information on our behalf under contract) if we are required to by law.


If we change hands:

If the Acupuncture Foundation’s business transfers to anyone else, you agree that we can pass your information to that person, so they can continue to provide you with the service.


Changes to this policy:

We might make changes to this policy from time to time – check back here to stay up to date. If we make a major change to it, we’ll send you a service email describing the change and what it means for you.


Contac us:

We hope that’s clear. If it isn’t or you have another question that isn’t covered, please Contact us.









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